The simple way to buy and sell cars's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

As a business we believe we have to take ownership of the plight of our planet, our country and our communities. This is why we have our eco and social endeavours; and why we have decided we simply have to participate in current relief efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a view to making the most meaningful and impactful contribution, we have made donations to the Solidarity fund and Food Forward SA with a view to assisting in the combat of the pandemic, as well as helping the vulnerable South Africans impacted the most by the Lockdown. A further donation has been made to Shout4Masks, a non-profit supplying medical masks to those who are battling this disease on the frontlines.

Historic milestones at

Company Founded:
In the year 2006 a bunch of young individuals had an idea, it wasnt a new idea but the method with which to impliment this was certainly new. in the following three years after that there would be a lot of work done to translate this dream into reality. What started as only a dream slowly took shape. and after a lot of work in "spare time" our team of young lads finally had something they they thought they could impliment.
Official website Launch:
After a lot of work spanning over 3 years the initial Cars team finaly had a product they believed they could take to the market. so a several hundred sleepless nights and a few thousand cups of coffee later and having found a bit of capital the site was officially launched in the early months of 2009. Facing a daunting task the founding team went full time this year as well and from that point on the rest as they say, is history.
Mobile Apps launched:
in keeping with the ethos of always staying technologically abreast, cars endevoured to create mobile applications intitially for android and then for IOS, whilst many challenges were faced in getting this done the team always knew as an organisation that it was a necessity and not a luxury to go through this process. on launching the apps quickly surpassed 100,000 downloads on the playstore and 50,000 downloads on the apple app store. this success was as a result of playing close attention to and understanding the needsof our users.
Inaugeral awards ceremony:
in another display of progressive thinking, Cars went ahead with plans to execute another industry first, an inaugeral cars awards ceremony. This event presented many challenges, not to mention the logistical nightmare which it is and the near impossible feat of getting motor vehicle heads from many brands in one room... at the same time! after a lot of blood sweat and motor oil the content team pulled off what was an amazing night, a social media success, a critical success and a credibility coup. Needless to say the motor industry is already geared for more such events and we at cars look forward to making it bigger and better.

Why Work at

We are proud of the organisation we have built, and are confident that we provide an environment conducive to
productivity, fulfilment, growth and development.

Our Culture is a young, tech company which represents a significant portion of motoring related traffic in South Africa. We are results driven and strongly encourage innovation while maintaining a casual and relaxed vibe in the office where we wear shorts to work and share a beer together on Friday afternoons. Our team has great opportunities to grow while collaborating with talented people and we continuously strive to evolve the online motoring space.

Our Values and Beliefs


We welcome change, and constantly challenge the norm, the industry and each other. Innovation is not only welcome, but nurtured. We deliver what we promise and add value that goes beyond what is expected.


The best solutions often come from working as a team and together we grow the company. This demands respect, synergy and having the RIGHT attitude.


Without enjoyment, business is futile, and we would be unable to remain passionate in our pursuit of excellence as a team. Whether through team building events, Friday afternoon drinks, Mariokart sessions or just random office banter, having fun is part of the culture.


The fuel that drives us to grow. With passion comes determination, dedication and inspiration to be the dynamic brand that drives excellence.

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